• The Diary of an Exiled Humanist
    Planner S M Saifur Rahman
    A ICT for Development Specialist | ICT Geek | Startup Founder
  • I Dream of a World of Peace
    I Support and Participate in Secular Humanist Movement
    Every human being should be treated equally according to their human rights
  • I Bring Happiness to the Society
    Creating Sustainable Change for the Vulnerable Communities
    I have been working as a ICT Based Development Specialist for 15 Years
  • I Develop ICT Tools to Make the Life Easier
    I Develop WordPress Themes, Websites, Web Tools, Desktop Software, Apps
    More than 350,000 Websites are running on my WordPress Themes Worldwide
  • I Do Charity Work, I Develop Open Source Software
    I am involved with numbers of Charity Works and I also Develop Open Source ICT Solutions for FREE

The Diary of an Exiled Humanist who Lives to Save Lives

A ICT for Development Specialist | ICT Geek | Startup Founder

I have Award Winning Experiences in ICT Tools Development for more than 20 Years. I have participated in founding several Startups which have been contributing to this country as well as the world for several years. I believe and practice Secular Humanism in my life. I am an ICT for Development Specialist and am recognized as one of the national-level consultants in this field.

Some of My Articles

I write various Articles for Bengali and English readers on Science, Technology, WordPress, SEO, Current Affairs, Humanity, Secularism, Peace etc.

I lead an <b>Awesome</b> and Energetic Team !

I lead an Awesome and Energetic Team !

The Development Program Team of Ambala Foundation is Really Awesome. We are working to Facilitate Happiness to Millions of Peoples in Bangladesh promoting Quality Education, Poverty Elevation, Ensuring Human Rights, Creating Employment, RBA, Delivering Services, Protecting Environment etc.

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I Contribute Numbers of Open Source ICT Projects

The Leading Web Content Management System (CMS) WordPress is one of those Projects where I have contributed significantly. 350,000+ Websites are running on my WP Themes Worldwide.

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Where I have Contributed

These are few from the List where I contributed directly for their growing. I am still working with some of them.

Sweet Words About Me, My Study and My Works

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