My Contributions

I have been contributing not only in numbers of social development activities but also in open source software development, WordPress development etc. More than 350000 websites are running on my Themes worldwide including Govt., Private, Educational, Company, Corporate, Entertainment, Tourism, News and various other sectors.

"I really recommend the creators of D5 Creation. They always responded to my requests and always found a solution to my problems. They even sometimes created scripts that were not planned in their themes. They are very efficient and professional. A big thank you to you."
Bernard Tisne

Ambala Foundation

I am a the Former Program Director (Social Development & ICT) at Ambala Foundation. Here I contributed to change the Livelihood and Life Standards of 1+ Million peoples through various Social Development Programs with my leadership. Independent evaluations have indicated that the improvements of their life standards, economic, education, health, sanitation, rights and dignity situation can be measured easily.  I was also responsible to introduce, manage and administrate new and existing ICT ideas and activities for the livelihood development of the beneficiaries. I was also the focal person of the organization to lead the official and sister ICT concerns. I still work for the Ambala Foundation as a Contractual Part Time Consultant with the Same Designation and Responsibilities.

Ambala Foundation (previous Environment Council Bangladesh/EC Bangladesh) is one of the leading non-profit development organizations in Bangladesh.

D5 Creation is one of the leading WordPress Theme developers in the world. All of the Free Version of the D5 Creation Themes are official WP.ORG Approved.

D5 Creation

I am the Founder, Lead Developer and CEO of D5 Creation, a successful Startup which is serving and well known worldwide for its popular WordPress Themes. It is estimated that more than 350000 websites are running on my Themes worldwide including Educational Institutions, Government, Companies, Corporate Businesses, Personal Blogs, Tourism, News Portals and various other sites.

The site is also a resource hub for WordPress based site development, search engine optimization (SEO), speed optimization, online marketing, small business development, startup development, modern web trends, web tips and tricks etc. Google has ranked this site as #1 for dozens of valuable Keywords. Currently, the site has 55 Themes, 16500+ regular members, 4500+ resource posts, topics and question-answers.

I  know hundreds of people and small companies who are dependent on my Themes for their income because they  develop/design their clients’ sites using my Themes only.

I am one of the Theme Contributors at as well as participants for the community supporting. Currently, there are 25 Free Themes of mine. Some of my Themes has been listed as one of the Top Most Popular Themes many times. My Themes are selected as Featured Themes frequently. SIMPLIFY was the 3rd most popular Themes for a long time after the release in 2013. I believe that Introduced the most modern designed Theme for the first time which was followed by others.

WordPress is s open source software one can use to create a beautiful website, blog, or app. It is the most popular CMS (Content Management System) now to create new websites.

Information Commission Bangladesh is a statutory body of the Peoples’ Republic of Bangladesh to ensure and establish the Right to Information (RTI) in the country.

Information Commission Bangladesh

I was closely involved with the Information Commission Bangladesh during and after the establishment in 2009 after the law was amended in the National Parliament of Bangladesh. I assisted the first Chief Information Commissioner (State Minister) Mr. Azizur Rahman formulating necessary policies, preparing logo, preparing and developing the organogram, preparing the budget, selecting necessary equipments, developing reporting formats, preparing the first report to the Honorable President of Bangladesh, preparing ICT roadmap  etc.

Johns Hopkins University

John Hopkins University, US has started using one of my Themes Business Line to conduct and spread their Coronavirus/Covid-19 study. I provide technical supports for their site Participate in COVID Control – A Johns Hopkins Research Study to find out solutions of different Coronavirus/Covid-19 questions. It is a great honor to me that I can support the humanity during this Pandemic 2020 through my designed Theme ans Technical support.

Johns Hopkins University is one of the Leading Universities in the World.

Different Projects of the Government of the People’s Republic Bangladesh.

Government of Bangladesh

I have lead different projects and programs fully or partially for the Government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh indirectly. For an example: I was involved in a project cluster as a technical lead  named Community Based Resource Management Project (CBRMP) in 2006. The project identified the natural and commercial resources in different areas using GIS and statistical tools after conducting a detailed survey. I developed a software named ImageRec to simplify the GIS activities which saved hundreds of working hours and efforts. The output of the study/project has been using for policy making for natural, environmental, economic and infrastructure development of the region since then.


OURNEWSBD was founded by me in 2014 to promote and spread technology and youth news to the online readers. This news portal was the first Responsive style news site in Bangladesh. This newspaper has 1.8+ Million regular social followers and readers. There are 400+ regular and volunteer news workers, reporters and contributors worldwide among the Bangla reading peoples. They have published more than 250,000 news from beginning to till now. Recently, the Government of Bangladesh has recognized 34 leading online news portals for the first time after starting the procedures and verification in 2014. OURNEWSBD is one of them. I also provide, administer and manage the server and IT operation of the site.

OURNEWSBD is one of the Top Leading 34 Government Recognized Online News Portals in Bangladesh which was established in 2014.

Civic Bangladesh is a not for profit development organization who are promoting civic rights and dignity in Bangladesh.

Civic Bangladesh

I am an active advisor, working member and participator with the activities of this organization. We promote and ensure civic, human and political rights to the voiceless people. We encourage to raise voices for dignity together. Bangladesh Dignity Forum is an associated initiative of this organization. I am also an ective member of the Dignity Forum and we are trying to establish Dignity for All.

HomeSatkhira Community

I founded this first online community for the coastal region of Bangladesh in 2009 to help the marginal poor students. This is a Social Networking site. This community has thousands of members who can share information, get and provide financial supports, get and produce educational assistance etc. Poor students can get help from others who are already established worldwide.  Members also help each other to protect their human rights. Leading Bangladeshi newspapers published news on our noble activities several times. Hundreds of families are students were benefited from this platform.

HomeSatkhira Community is the first only online community for the south-western district of Bangladesh.

I was involved in numbers of Social Welfare, Literature and Cultural activities and movements from my very childhood. I edited more than 25 regular and seasonal cultural and literature magazines in my schools, college and universities. I publish a national book each year with bangla origin children’s poetry from different countries. I am recognized as a good organizer by my teachers, seniors and collegues.

Urban and Rural Planning Discipline of Khulna University was the pioneer in Bangladesh who introduced the planning education in undergraduate level.

URPD, Khulna University

I developed a Software named URP Seminar Library Management during my undergraduate studying at Urban and Rural Planning Discipline of Khulna University in 2001-2005. The software was developed to automate the record keeping, books and research management, books distribution etc.


KalaroaNews was the first online news site in Kalaroa, my birth place region in Bangladesh. I started this initiative in 2016 as one my social responsibilities or payback to the society. Now this portal is the most popular news media in a larger portion of Bangladesh for regional news, marginal voice, human rights protection, regional development issues focusing etc. This site is also promoting local and adjacent Indian locals’ culture, music, dialogue etc. everyday. Now the site is self sustained and doing great without my supervision though I still provide the Server and domain, manage the site and take care overally. 

KalaroaNews was establied in 2016 by me to publish authentic and genuine news for my birth place region.

A Literature and Cultural Magazine in Bangla.

Mukto Lekhoni

Mukto Lekhono is a Bangla Literature and Cultural Magazine which has been being published for more than 9 years continuously. I write for them regularly, provide hosting and technical administration support.  It promotes quality literature and cultural movements.

Tonga Broadcasting Commission

Kingdom of Tonga, is a Polynesian sovereign state and archipelago comprising 169 islands in Pacific Ocean. This country has been using one of my popular Theme NewsPress for their National Broadcasting Commission since 2014. Their National TV, Radio and NewsPress is using the site for online presence. I provide them technical supports from the very beginning of the NewsPress using.

Tonga Broadcasting Commission is the national printing and electronic broadcasting agency for the country Tonga.

A Planned/Proposed Startup

Theme Fount

Theme Fount is a Proposed/Planned Startup which will provide quality WordPress Themes, Plugins and Supports as well as all other IT supports introducing new and innovative approach. I have already done a major portion of the ground works. The initiative will be beneficial for the Small Business owners, especially the new business startups. 


Shwapnojatra is a Dream Project and a Philanthropic Initiative for the Poor Students to continue their Education. Ambala Foundation takes all the Educational Responsibilities of students – After Primary Education to the last of their Education upto Masters/PHD. I have been leading the technical portion of this Social Startup as well as policy formation process from the very beginning since January 2019 . This project will be sustainable with its own income after a certain period of time.

Shwapnojatra is a need based educational support and philanthropic initiative for poor students to fulfill their higher education.

Community FM Radio to promote the local economic development and social empowerment.

Radio Bikrampur 99.2FM

I am one of the founding contributors to this Social Enterprise. This community radio channel is broadcasted from a remote area mainly for the economic and social development of marginal poor people. I am directly involved with the policy formation, program direction, sustainability planning, inspiring and grooming the team, researching the social impact. This radio is the voice to the voiceless. Thousands of case studies has already shown the positive impact of this initiative.


I am one of the contributors of PIXABAY, the largest royalty free image sharing site. I used to take natural photographs during my travel to the country and abroad. I also edit some images which I find interesting for others. Some of my photographic and edited images can be found at PIXABAY for free. I have also a 500+ edited high quality Model’s image collection in PNG format which can be placed on any background.

Pixabay is the largest photo sharing site which distributes royalty free images for personal and commercial usages.

Resource Hub for the Small Business owners and analysts.

All of Small Business

I started this initiative in 2014 to distribute ideas, trends and information to the Small Business entrepreneurs. There are dozens of very informative articles on various issues related to Small Business. There are about 80,000 social followers and fans worldwide of this site.

Social and Technological Participation


I have several YouTube channels where I publish Social and Technological videos. Some of my videos are very popular among the community. One of popular videos is Here.


I have contribution to the Country's leading consulting firm to innovate new ideas for digital development. This firm is currently working with Artificial Intelligence (AI) based city management. Details can be found Here.


I have hundreds of very popular status and articles at Facebook. Most of them are Science, Technology, Education, Secular Humanism. Human Rights, Social Development related articles.

350000 Websites

If one search "Theme by D5 Creation" thousands of sites can be found in Search results. It is estimated that there are more than 350,000 websites are running on my Themes worldwide including many prestigious sites.

These are not the Complete Lists

Some of my Colleagues believe that I have always a solution for any type of problem for any field though I am not like that.