S M Saifur Rahman


ICT for Development Specialist

ICT for Development Specialist

ICT Geek

Startup Founder

S M Saifur Rahman

Founder and CEO, D5 Creation

Former Program Director (Social Development & ICT), Ambala Foundation

Experience and Engagement

March 2006 - September 2007

Ambala Foundation

Program Coordinator

October 2007 - June 2013

Ambala Foundation

Program Director (Social Development & ICT)

Ambala Foundation (Previous Environment Council Bangladesh/EC Bangladesh) is one of the leading non-profit development organizations in Bangladesh which is promoting happiness to millions of marginal poor people throughout the county. The previous name of this foundation was Environment Council Bangladesh or EC Bangladesh in a short form. The foundation has been introducing the new name since 2016 for broader aspects of purposes. Ambala Foundation has been implementing diverse of programs for the marginal, poor, vulnerable people especially for the marginal poor woman and girls.

E-Mail: [email protected]

Mr. Rahman still works for the Ambala Foundation as a Contractual Part Time Consultant with the Same Designation and Responsibilities.

2007 - Present

D5 Creation

Founder & CEO / Lead Web Developer

D5 Creation is a Successful Startup and one of the leading WordPress Theme developers in the world. It is estimated that more than 350,000 websites are running on D5 Creation Themes worldwide including hundreds of not for profit social organizations, universities, companies, corporate businesses, travel companies, e-commerce, blog, and personal sites.

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2012 - Present


Theme Review Team Member

WordPress ( is a free and open-source content management system (CMS) written in PHP and paired with a MySQL or MariaDB database. WordPress is used by more than 60 million websites including 33.6% of the top 10 million websites, WordPress is the most popular content management system solutions in use. WordPress TRL or Theme Review Team reviews all the Themes Submitted at to ensure the best one for security, performance, and functionalities.

WordPress Listing

2019 - Present


Lead Technical Contributor (WEB)

Shwapnojatra is a Dream Project to encourage the poor and marginal students for continuing their education. Shwapnojatra takes full responsibilities for first to last educational expanses of a student. An educated student can change his family and enlighten families can change the society. E-Mail: [email protected] Web:

Memberships and Affiliation

Admin, Bangladesh Development Workers Forum

Member, Bangladesh Dignity Forum

Member, Bangladesh Institute of Planners (BIP)

Member, Khulna University Alumni Association

Member, Khulna University Planners Alumni (KUPA)

Member, East West University Alumni Association

Team Member, WordPress Theme Review Team

Admin, HomeSatkhira Community

Member, Bangladesh Online Media Association

About Mr. Rahman

Mr. Rahman is well known in the country as a National Consultant for Social/Community Development Program Planning, Implementation, Monitoring, Evaluation, and Research integrating ICTs. He led the Social/Community Development Programs of the national organization Ambala Foundation with his creative thinking and positive attitude. His ideas are unique, which shows his ability to think quickly and find a solution for various problems especially the issues of social research and development programs.

He is also a Founder/Co-Founder of several Startups, such as; D5 Creation, Radio Bikrampur 99.2 FM, OURNEWSBD, All of the Small Businesses. He is also working as the Lead Developer with D5 Creation where he develops world-class award-winning WordPress Themes for modern, responsive and elegant websites.

Mr. Saif is a Secular Humanist. He is an active activist and defender of Human Rights. He believes in World Peace without dividing people among Religion, Race, Nationality, Language, Country, Color, etc. He has written many popular articles on world peace, freedom of expression, human rights, social development issues, technologies, ICTs, WordPress, SEO, Social Business, etc.



Master of Development Studies (MDS)
East West University

[ Equivalent to Canadian Master’s Degree (Taught) ]


Bachelor of Urban and Rural Planning (BURP)
Khulna University

[ Equivalent to Canadian Bachelor’s Degree (04 Years) ]


Planning and Managing Social/Community Programs 95%
Monitoring and Evaluation of Development Programs 93%
RBA, IGA, Human Rights, and Education Programs 81%
Social Research, Social Auditing, EIA, CSR 85%
Climate Change Adaptation Resilience and Hazards 89%
Community Based Natural Resources Management 91%
Environmental Policy Research and Implementation 85%
Social Business Ideas and Management 81%
ICT Tools Development for Social Programs 87%
Startup Ideas and Founding of ICT Business 81%
Web Application Development, Website Development 89%
WordPress CMS, Themes, Plugins Development and Services 95%
E-Commerce, SEO, Social Networking and Marketing 83%
Graphics Design, Presentation Technologies 79%


M. Azizur Rahman

Former Chief Information Commissioner 

(State Minister) of Bangladesh

Former Secretary, Govt. of Bangladesh

Phone: +8801711529310

E-Mail: [email protected]

Arif Sikder

Founder & Executive Director, Ambala Foundation

Initiator and Chief Patron, Shwapnojatra

Chairman, Radio Bikrampur 99.2 FM

Phone: +8801711527193

E-Mail: [email protected]

Dr. Mohsin Uddin Ahmed

Professor, Khulna University

Former Head, Urban & Rural Planning Discipline

Renowned Urban Planner and Scholar

Phone: +8801711115485

E-Mail: [email protected]