Israel, Palestine and Islam

Israel-Palestine, and Islam

Crimes against humanity in Israel-Palestine and the inhumanity of Islam

I occasionally speak with a fairly wealthy American who is of British origin. The gentleman is old, though still physically fit. He fought for the US Army during the Vietnam War, his name is John. He laughs and jokes with me sometimes, and has some adult-type chats, basically.

Two weeks ago I was asked what is the status of the Israel-Palestine war. I said war needs to stop, no one has the right to kill innocent people. Palestine has no right to kill Israelis, and Israel has no right to kill Palestinians. Palestinian’s Hamas started the killing first which is a terrorist organization. The gentleman got a little angry and said it was all Israel’s fault, in his view the Jews were the root of all evil. I asked why all the Jews would be guilty. Many are at fault but not all. Your country America also supports Israel. He then insulted his own country America and showed me his Vietnam War ID card, trying to convince me that he is very experienced, wise.

I heard people are taking to the streets in America to protest against Israel killing innocent Palestinian women, men, and children. People of all religions and ideologies have gone there. People are protesting in Israel itself. People have also protested in Britain and other European countries. It is natural for human beings to protest any injustice, any killing. Jews, Christians, Muslims, Hindus, Buddhists, Sikhs, Jews, non-religious people whose hearts do not cry, do not protest at the suffering of any human being, what kind of people are they? But do the math, many Muslims are protesting, protesting now, who cheered with ‘Alhamdulillah’ when Hamas attacked Israel and killed innocent men, women, and children. For them, reaction, protest, and anger are only reserved for Muslims.

Many influential politicians in America and Britain want this killing to end. They are openly protesting. Jeremy Corbyn, the influential leader of Britain’s Labor Party, is one of them. A few days ago, Mia Khalifa, an adult movie actress of Christian origin, protested. More notably, many homosexual groups in Europe have come out against Israel in favor of the Palestinians. On the other hand, 200 innocent Israelis are still being held hostage by the Palestinian terrorist group Hamas.

Now that Jews, Christians, Atheists, Humanists, General people, Adult Heroines, and Homosexual groups visit a future independent Palestine, will the Palestinians, especially Hamas, welcome them as friends in their time of need? Hamas adheres to strict Islamic law. Islam says homosexuals should be killed. Will they accept their arrival in Palestine, their position, their hand of friendship? These homosexual groups in Europe were asked whether they knew that homosexuality is a serious crime in Islam and Palestine and that there is a provision to kill! They responded with astonishment – how could they, oppressed for so long, punish their own people for homosexuality?

Find out the answer to the question yourself.

By the way, I was brutally attacked by a terrorist for writing in favor of LGBTQ+ rights, the consequences of which I still carry, maybe for the rest of my life. I wrote that homosexuality in nature is a natural exception. Homosexuality is found not only in humans, but in many other animal species as well. It is a natural matter of nature like many other exceptions. But Islam has declared it haram, Islam ordered to kill the homosexuals. Islam does not give a certain group of people their natural rights, but rather takes away their lives. The militant further threatened me that the next day he would call hundreds of Islamists from the mosque and drag me out of my house and beat me up, find me wherever I am, I am alone, there are hundreds of them, I will have nothing to do. I know how horrible such public mobs can be, I see them on the news – burning alive, beatings to death. In 2017, I was the victim of such a public mob in front of my house because of writing about the prejudice and inhumanity of Islam; I survived the journey because the gate of the house was locked and the police intervened. Islam has instructed its followers to strictly follow the rules of Islam, so the militants follow them. You cannot solve the problem of Islam by just punishing some Islamists without getting to the root of the problem and reforming it.

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Israel, Palestine and Islam

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