I am a Secular Humanist

I consider myself a 100% honest Day/Night Labor who works to live and make lives alive

I am a person who is positive about every aspect of life. There are many things I like to do, to see, and to experience.

I like science, I like innovation, I like to do experiment.

I like to read, I like to write; I like to think, I like to dream; I like to talk, I like to listen.

I like to see the sunrise in the morning, I like to see the moonlight at night; I like to feel the music flowing on my face, I like to smell the wind coming from the ocean.

I like to look at the clouds in the sky with a blank mind, I like to do thought experiment when I cannot sleep in the middle of the night.

I like flowers in spring, rain in summer, leaves in autumn, and cold in winter.

I like to sleep in the last night, I like to get up late; I like to be alone, I like to be surrounded by people.

I like country’s peace, I like metropolis’ noise; I like good books and romantic movies.

I like the land and the nature, I like people. And, I like to laugh.

‘Humanity First’ is the inspiration of my activities. I am an active activist and defender of Human Rights. I believe in World Peace without dividing people among Religion, Race, Nationality, Language, Country, Color etc. I love animals, I love plants, I love the environment.

My family was economically poor but encouraged me for education and knowledge hunting. We lived in a remote village which was rich with natural beauties. The roads were muddy and we used to fight during going to school in the rainy season. Nowadays the roads’ condition has been improved but still not fine because of the widespread corruption of every sector of this country.

I purchased my first computer in the last quarter of 2003 when I was a university student. It was another struggling story. We didn’t have any financial ability to buy a computer. Only 03 of my classmates were without their personal computers in my class including me among 31.  We faced tremendous problems because it was very necessary.

Here it is mentioned that I started learning programming when I didn’t have my own computer. I used my classmates’ computers at night when they were sleeping. Sometimes they were not pleased but my strong desire to learn assisted me to do that because there were no alternatives.

Anyway, my father borrowed money from others, my mother cashed her small savings, my grandmother (mother’s mother) sold her pet cow, I cached my scholarship amount. But it was still not $300 to the target. I used to earn by tuition, providing education to the students in their house. Thus I could buy my first computer in my life.