Open Source Contributions

I have been contributing not only in numbers of social development activities but also in open source software development, WordPress development etc. More than 350000 websites are running on my Themes worldwide including Govt., Private, Educational, Company, Corporate, Entertainment, Tourism, News and various other sectors.

D5 Creation is one of the leading WordPress Theme developers in the world. All of the Free Version of the D5 Creation Themes are official WP.ORG Approved.

55 CMS WEB Themes

I am the Co-Founder & Lead Developer of D5 Creation, a successful Startup which is serving and well known worldwide for its popular WordPress Themes. It is estimated that more than 350000 websites are running on my Themes worldwide including Educational Institutions, Government, Companies, Corporate Businesses, Personal Blogs, Tourism, News Portals and various other sites.

Though D5 Creation is an income generating and profitable venture, the Themes are released with Open Source GPL License maintaining the WordPress compliance. 

I  know hundreds of people and small companies who are dependent on my Themes for their income because they  develop/design their clients’ sites using my Themes only.

25 WP Themes

I am one of the Theme Contributors at as well as participants for the community supporting. Currently, there are 25 Free Themes of mine. All of these are Open Source GPL Licensed. Some of my Themes has been listed as one of the Top Most Popular Themes many times. My Themes are selected as Featured Themes frequently. SIMPLIFY was the 3rd most popular Themes for a long time after the release in 2013. I believe that Introduced the most modern designed Theme for the first time which was followed by others.

WordPress is s open source software one can use to create a beautiful website, blog, or app. It is the most popular CMS (Content Management System) now to create new websites.

Urban and Rural Planning Discipline of Khulna University was the pioneer in Bangladesh who introduced the planning education in undergraduate level.

Library Management Software

I developed a Software named URP Seminar Library Management during my undergraduate studying at Urban and Rural Planning Discipline of Khulna University in 2001-2005. The software was developed to automate the record keeping, books and research management, books distribution etc. The software was released with Open Source MIT Lincese.

Royalty Free Images

I am one of the contributors of PIXABAY, the largest royalty free image sharing site. I used to take natural photographs during my travel to the country and abroad. I also edit some images which I find interesting for others. Some of my photographic and edited images can be found at PIXABAY for free. I have also a 500+ edited high quality Model’s image collection in PNG format which can be placed on any background.

Pixabay is the largest photo sharing site which distributes royalty free images for personal and commercial usages.

These are not the Complete Lists

There are also many other Open Source participants of mine including Technical Articles, VB Programming Modules and Classes etc.