I am a Professional

I am recognized as one of the Country’s top ICT for Development Specialists. I have tons of remarkable achievements in Social Development Programs. But, the most recolonization is the happy faces of the beneficiaries of my leading programs for whom I work actually. I have shown proven examples of using ICT Tools for social/community-driven development first time in Bangladesh.
I have award-winning achievements in ICT Tools development, especially WordPress Themes’ Development. Several of my WordPress Themes were listed as Featured and in the Top 05 Most Popular Themes at


Achievements in Social/Community Programs

1+ Million Beneficiaries

More than 1 Million Peoples are benefited directly or indirectly from the Social/Community Development Programs which I have been leading for 14+ years at Ambala Foundation.

144 Communities Developed

My leaded Programs have changed 144 Communities socially and economically across the working areas. Most of them were marginal poor communities like Fishers.

400% Income Increased

Last Evaluation has shown that the average income of the households of my Program Area has been increased to 400% than previous. Government has also recognized this.

Achievements in ICTs

Successful Startups

I have founded Several Startups as a Co-Founder like D5 Creation, ThemeFount, OURNEWSBD, All of Small Business etc. I have also played vital role founding some Social Business like Radio Bikrampur 99.2 FM

350,000+ Websites

It is estimated that More than 350,000 Websites are running on my WordPress Themes worldwide including Govt. University, Business, Non Profit, Personal etc. Sites.

11 ICT Tools Developed

I have developed 11 ICT Tools/Software/Apps to make the Social Programs' Planning, Implementing, Monitoring, Evaluation and other activities much easier.

100+ Recognition

Different Organizations, Universities, Companies, Government Institutions, Employers have recognized my works and talent with Awards, Certificates, Gifts etc. I have also received 1000+ Testimonials.

55+ Open Source

I have been contributing numbers of open Source ICT Projects like I have 55 Open Source WP Products which are completely free to edit, reuse, redistribute or even sell, resell etc.

Special Reception by the Honorable Vice Chancellor (VC) and Dean (SET School) of Khulna University

Honorable Vice Chancellor (VC) and Dean of Khulna University Awarded me in a Reception Ceremony organized for me after I had developed a Software/Tool for the first time in the Country in 2003

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Peoples Love My Works

Thousands of peoples worldwide have written many sweet words about my works, my talents etc. It is not possible to list all of them here. You can find some of Them Here in This Site and  some are linked my Employer’s Site Ambala Foundation with my colleagues. You can also find some at my Startup Site D5 Creation.