Purpose of life

Purpose of Life

What is the main purpose of people coming to Earth?

Many people are confused by this question. In the swing of this wandering, they try to find answers in God and the afterlife, which have been inculcated in their heads by family and society. But if you think a little rationally, you can expose hundreds of lies of those who have spoken about God and the afterlife. Then it can be seen that the purpose of human life has to be set by himself. Who brought people to earth or who sent them? No one has come up with or sent a simple answer. As a product of parents’ love, human beings are born with the genetic characteristics and appearance of their parents, just like all other living beings/animals.

A supporting course at university was on Environmental Planning, I got the highest marks in that course. I remember the Professor was so happy with my answer on sustainable development in an exam that he put it as a reference in the class. However, I wrote them from a German magazine. They used to send me 5 per issue of their magazine called ‘Deutschland’. There was a special issue on sustainable development – what is called ‘Teksoy Unnoyon’ in Bengali? A prerequisite for sustainable development is that no development or development-destroying action can be taken that results in future generations getting anything less than the kind of life we live now. Future generations must get more, not less. It is my responsibility to the world, and the future. That’s why the world has to be kept beautiful.

Before the emergence of religion, people started making laws and rules for their own benefit so that everyone could live peacefully in society. Maybe not everything was right in moral standards but they had some set of rules. Over the ages, states have amended that law to create today’s advanced version where morality, humanity, and human rights prevail. Criminals get punished, and those who follow the rules/laws live happily ever after. Apart from this, people take the responsibility of taking care of endangered, needy, and helpless people. Do people do these things because God told them? If you put your hand on your chest if God didn’t tell you, would you have robbed the money kept in a beggar’s buscate? If so, you are a beast, not a human being.

Human, however, is only one animal or animal among thousands of animals in a very small place, the world in this vast universe. Nature has not laid down any special rules for humans. Even if all animals, and humans become extinct, nature does not matter. Humans think about so many things. After all, they have acquired a little more mathematical skills than other animals, because their thinking power is developed, because they have strong communication skills. Apart from food, he needs education, clothing, shelter, medical care, entertainment, and many other things. Imagine, man does not have agricultural production, yet in the forest he has to hunt and eat, competing with other animals. So what other than their food? But all that has happened since the beginning of agriculture and the subsequent surplus. After getting this comfort, love, and magnificent love life, it has come to people’s minds that – is death the end of life? Then some people tricked them into explaining that there is life after death, there are things that people in the world were attracted to but did not get. If you go to heaven, you will get everything, and if you don’t listen to God, God will burn you with fire.

An immaterial thing called the soul also originated from there. People already knew that after death, the human body would be mixed with rotten soil like other living beings. Then the idea is given of the soul, which actually has no existence. Religions mean the purpose of human life is to worship God, follow his instructions, do good deeds according to his instructions, and kill other people if necessary to spread his word. Man also saw that he was wronged by others in the world, he had the pain of not getting much, he left the judgment of that injustice to the afterlife, found peace of mind in this unreal thing.

But if the things that do not really exist, such as the soul, and the afterlife do not exist, will the world turn into hell? This is where people have to make hundreds of written and unwritten contracts in the family, society, state, and the world; for their well-being. The state has to provide security, justice, and infrastructure to keep people well. But God doesn’t do anything, everything is done by humans, God is a matter of air, nothing. Whose existence is in the mind of man, cannot be seen in anything in reality. Now comes the meaning of life without God, afterlife, hereafter.

The meaning of life for you is what you decide for yourself as the meaning of life. It is a matter of individuality. Many humanists recognize that they have the mental capacity to create any kind of meaning or purpose in life they desire. As a humanist, I would not lay a bundle of millions of dollars in front of me and claim it as my own. I never want anyone to be upset, anyone to suffer in my activities. I can think of fulfilling some professional and social responsibilities as the purpose of my life. Now that I am writing this article, I am trying to inform people that this is also a purpose of my life.

Your purpose in life is your personal matter, it cannot be set by anyone else. Some people think that the meaning of life is the journey of this life, while for some people the meaning of life is to reach a goal. Therefore, everyone’s purpose in life is not the same. Just because some people think that having a destination in life is very important, it does not mean that he or she is wrong. If you think that by obeying God’s commands and doing good deeds on earth, you will go to heaven and fulfill your suppressed greed, then you are really greedy. You want to do them on earth but can’t do them because God forbids them. Are you transparent about yourself? What is your purpose in life then?

‘Life has no purpose or meaning because there is nothing to say about the afterlife’ – such sayings do not carry much meaning to us. If there is no afterlife, then this current life becomes very important to us, because this life here is very rare and short. If diamonds were as cheap as dust then a piece of diamond would be as cheap as dust. Since this life is our only life, we should try to use it properly. Achieving a long life by being careful, being good to yourself, and leaving others good is the success of a life. Since human has only one life, making the most of it is the characteristic of a true human. You will be overwhelmed by the smell of a flower, you will be delighted by the smile of a child, you will be enchanted by the waves of the ocean, you will rush to the service of endangered humanity – that’s it. What else is needed in a person’s life? Since there is only one life, you can be good to yourself by keeping others good as best you can.

Human alone is one of the most helpless animals in the world. Humans are collectively superior. From that birth, he had to depend on more than one person. The spread of the recent coronavirus has made it clear to people that people are incapable of helping themselves, they are dependent on helping each other. That’s why people have to take the initiative to be good with everyone. Those who make the world miserable just for their own good must be weakened and build a civilized, civilized world.

Your body is at war with living harmful microorganisms, you can’t see it, you can’t feel it. Because your senses are unable to send that signal to the brain. Again, if one of your legs is paralyzed or given a numbing injection, you won’t feel pain even if the ax hits the leg. This is because the nerve system that transmits pain sensations from your feet to the brain becomes dysfunctional. Likewise, humans want to live in the world forever, whether they understand it or not, just like other animals. That is why he does everything possible to survive even at the moment of death. Human knows they cannot survive, so they want to pass their body parts, and their genes, to the next generation. If you consider humans as a part of nature, then nature wants humans to leave its genetics or its imprint on the world. That is why they have to have sex, give birth, and work endlessly to raise the child. They do it because they feel good. But nature is fixing its course with humans though it is only a small part of nature without which nature really does not care.

Why would you pre-condition that your life purpose or meaning be externally validated? In fact, it is up to you to verify this matter, not someone else. Who will understand the value of our lives? No decision is needed in this regard. We all have a reason to live, which is called Survival Instinct, which is biologically evolved in the course of evolution and exists in you. In the same way, you and I have a biologically evolved preference for pain over pleasure or survival over death. It is not justifiable from any philosophical point of view. The biological process is why I value your existence.

The religious people are not satisfied with these answers, they expect answers to their liking where there will be the words of their God, the words of the afterlife. The problem here is that they expect such an extreme or final answer when in reality there is none. But this is life, even if you obey, life will continue according to the rules of life, even if you don’t obey. Maybe the meaning we give to life is beyond that, maybe this life is in the extreme sense a completely empty, purposeless existence. And if you are not happy with this answer, it does not mean that God exists or that there is an afterlife. This is purely your personal guess. For us, our own set meaning or purpose is enough where we want everyone’s life to be beautiful, happy, peaceful, and fulfilled. May the earth be a beautiful habitable place for all present and future, not only for humans but for all living things.

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