Israel-Palestine Crisis

Israel-Palestine Crisis

Where is the solution to the Israel-Palestine Crisis?

Gaza is a small part of Palestine, there is no control of the West Bank, a large part of Palestine. For a long time, the late Yasser Arafat’s party ruled the West Bank, and Hamas ruled Gaza. Between the two parts is Israel again. They have very few natural resources, and donations from the outside world are their main source of income. They export some agricultural produce. But that export is also to Israel. Many civil services such as water and electricity are also arranged through Israel. This is the reality, Israel can stop them if it wants. Hamas is largely financed and supported by Iran. They ambushed Israel and killed hundreds of men, women and children. Israel is now taking its revenge, almost all the people of the world know that Israel’s revenge will be terrible and exemplary. It’s also possible that they could take over all of Gaza without much hindrance, although that seems unlikely for now.

Israel has already occupied a large part of Palestine little by little. The powerful countries of the world are not speaking for Palestine, their Hamas has provoked this war in the first place. Now a big power like Israel will give up easily? It is also their responsibility to keep their citizens safe. I am a small person and I am not capable of understanding world politics that much. However, I think that the Palestinian people will benefit more if Palestine merges with Israel. Their misery will end, and they will have a better, standardized, technology-oriented life. Now 18% of Muslims live in Israel, there is no problem in practicing their religion, education, medical system, job, or politics anywhere. Have you ever heard of a Muslim in Israel who has taken refuge abroad? Education, technology, and average quality of people mean that Israel is now one of the best countries in the Middle East and the world. However, the desire to merge with Israel must come from the people of Palestine. It is unreasonable to impose my or anyone else’s personal opinion on them, we must respect that if the Palestinian people want to remain independent.

I want a peaceful solution, I am in favor of sustaining both states independently in the current reality, I want everyone in the world to be in peace, no one should be killed anywhere, and no one should be deprived of their rights. The common people of Israel and Palestine are all the same to me, everyone has the right to democracy, to have their own country, and to live in peace on earth. I am a humanist, and as a humanist, I think that people should collectively solve human problems.

When Hamas launched rocket attacks on Israel and killed hundreds of men, women, and children, many Muslims in Palestine and other countries cheered with ‘Alhamdulillah’. To them, the number of hundreds of Israelis killed was a victory, they were calculating how many more Palestinians died in Israeli attacks than how many more Israelis died in Hamas attacks. As soon as Israel began to retaliate with full force, their weeping began. They are very Hippocrates. The death of other than only Muslim religious people does not shake their conscience, rather they rejoice. Because Islam taught them this. There are many places in the Qur’an and Hadith where Jews are mentioned to be killed, hated, or expelled. Prophet Muhammad killed hundreds of Jews with his own hands, even children. However, in addition to the Muslim rulers, many others played a role in expelling the Jews from Arabia. But now only many followers of Islam harbor a terrible anti-Semitism in their hearts, which we see reflected in their activities and actions.

There is no reason to think that I am against the legitimate rights of the Palestinian people. The Palestinian people have the right to choose their own form of government. Let me give an example of Kashmir in India. Many Kashmiri Muslims want to make Kashmir an independent country, many also carry out militant attacks. I have been to Kashmir twice and stayed there for a long time. I think the people of Kashmir will be happy if they remain with India. If Kashmir were independent, the country would have become more disaster-prone than Pakistan or Afghanistan today, a man-made disaster. But even here I am in favor of the right of people to speak and to struggle for their rights, the position of their own majority is greater than my own opinion. I see that Bangladesh is also a failure state; as a country, there is no possibility that the condition of Bangladesh will improve even in the next 20/30 years. Millions of people in the country are becoming orthodox, becoming unstandardized, and millions of people are involved in various irregularities including looting, and corruption. The rulers themselves are part of this cycle. That’s why it is better for Bangladesh to join with America, Japan, or any of the European countries if they introduce the same quality governance and education system here. If no one wants to take it, it is better to merge with India for Bangladesh, the average quality of people in India is much better than that of Bangladesh.

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