Spreading of Islamic Extremism in Bangladesh

Islamic militancy in Bangladesh

How Islamic fundamentalism and militancy are getting social acceptance in Bangladesh

He is a cricketer and plays in the national team of Bangladesh. Look at his ideology, he says that if women are in revealing clothes, they are equal to iron, banana without peel, and sweet without cover. According to his views, women are more valuable than gold, silver, and diamonds when they are veiled and walk around as living tents. If not living in tents, others (people in their language, they think only men are people) will scratch them, grab them, rape them, humiliate them, sexually harass them – they think these are the rights of men. He is a young boy, how old? 20/22? His philosophy is these. There are not only these two such young Mrityunjay and Shakib in Bangladesh, but there are also thousands, millions.

Sad but true, this generation has made a remarkable rise under current Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina. She has sponsored Islamic militants in various ways to kill democracy, to maintain her power to keep the dictatorship going, to survive as Prime Minister without a vote, and is still doing so. She accepted all the pieces of advice and suggestions of extremist Islamic leaders. That’s why you will see wazzes (Islamic Lectures) now in the villages, towns, and everywhere in Bangladesh, in the field, on Facebook, and on YouTube, too. In those wazzes, discrimination, and hatred against women are propagated; Women are taught to be subjugated; Scorning the religion of people of different faiths is a very common occurrence there; From death threats to atheists, agnostics, critics of religion, to openly inciting attacks on them, even a very ordinary activist like myself has been the victim several times, and fanatical fundamentalists have even tried to kill me by gathering fanatics in front of my house. Distorting education, science, and technology and spreading misinformation is their very common practice. On the other hand, the government and Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina have stopped the pen of free-minded, science-based writers and rationalists by harassing them, deporting them, killing them, imprisoning them, disappearing them, and paralyzing them. Some blasphemy laws like Section 57 of the ICT Act/Digital Security Act/Cyber ​​Security Act are in her hands. If the few free-thinking, progressive-minded people in the country were allowed to speak freely, these millions of fanatical lunatics would not have appeared. But those free-thinking people, progressives have been left out of the country, out of their homes, terrorists have been pointed at them, goons of the political party Awami League and terrorists of the students’ organization Chhatra League have been pointed at them.

From 2007-2013/14 there was a revolution in the Bengali blog community with the awakening of free thinkers. The government stopped it, setting the country back hundreds of years by appeasing the fundamentalists. Due to this today the youth representing the country like Mrityunjoy, Shakib are holding fundamentalist thoughts. They are protected under state patronage, that is why fundamentalists, and militants today do not care about anyone, they do not care about the basic issues of human rights.

Islamic militancy in Bangladesh

Almost all the fundamentalists including Mrityunjay, and Shakib are extreme opportunists. They preach Islam only that which does not harm their earnings, bread, sustenance, or popularity. First of all, drawing pictures of animals, recording videos, and promoting them are completely forbidden in Islam, but they do not leave this forbidden work. According to the fundamental principles of Islam, Facebook, and YouTube are funded by non-Islamists, driven by their talent, and no Islamists can use them, but they choose them as their path to heaven. All other sports including cricket and football are prohibited in Islam except for three types of sports such as laughing and joking with the wife, horse riding, and bow and arrow practice; They do not exclude any of these, because they increase their money, fame, power, and respect. On the other hand, they choose popular topics and people to promote their religious hatred, and threats where their opponents are powerless and weak. They mainly target women and free-thinking writers who criticize religion. The most popular topic in this country is hate speech against women, talking about their veils. They are also mentioned in Islam, too. Bribery, murderers, corruptors, thieves, robbers, lechers, rapists, pious masters, farmers, workers, and Facebookers all become one in this matter. Playing cricket, and earning money by playing cricket is also haram, but they will not give up this haram game, they will not give up haram income. In that case, they are drunk, right on the beat. These are such rascals.

On the other hand, Mushfiqur Rahim, and Mahmudullah Riyad cover the tiger image on their jerseys, and pray on the cricket field, but do not give up playing and earning haram cricket. The entire cricket team of Bangladesh has now become a radical, mafia, maybe one, two, or three are good. A few years ago, Mushfiq slaughtered a cow with a blood-stained knife and gave a picture. Popular cricketer Mashrafe and one of the most popular people in Bangladesh cricket all-rounder Shakib Al Hasan have also joined hands with terrorists, mafia, gambling, smugglers, murderers, and crooks for money. Recently Shakib Al Hasan colluded with Bangladesh Securities and Exchange Commission Chairman Professor Shibli Rubaiyat, who is accused internationally of taking money looted from the USA into his account. See this Mrityunjay, how he is also promoting a false business!

Islamic militancy in Bangladesh 2

The problem is, they are all public figures. They are not ordinary people like me or you. Public figures cannot do whatever they want. They have to think about their followers and the impact their actions have on society. That’s why every step of these public figures in the world is measured – whether they say something racist, misogynistic, dehumanizing, or against freedom of speech. If there are then they face punishment. But that doesn’t happen in Bangladesh, because Bangladesh has a non-voting autocratic Prime Minister, Sheikh Hasina, who is herself a fundamentalist/ superstition believer; And the fundamentalists are sheltered, protected, and supported by her.

Islamic militancy in Bangladesh 1

In the rest of the world no one criticizes women’s clothing, except in Bangladesh and some Islamic countries, women can walk around in short dresses. Many beautiful women come before me every day. A few days ago, I saw a beautiful woman taking off her pants and changing her menstrual pads in public. No one was saying anything, people didn’t have any headaches about that woman, and no one was looking around which is very common in Bangladesh. Even seeing a woman in the open did not arouse anyone’s sex. Fortunately, Islamic preachers don’t have the right to speak with loud microphones, popular people don’t openly preach misogyny; If not, they would have to run away from people to spread racism, misogyny, and hatred towards people of different religions. In order to justify them according to the law of Allah, the fundamentalists had to go back naked. Sometimes I see some people at the station, at the intersection of the road with a small speaker on their chest and a microphone in their hand to preach the message of religion. Believe me, no one stands and listens to them, no one has time, people’s life here is very difficult, everyone has to work and eat, every moment is worth a lot of time. People of Bangladesh have a lot of free time, which is why there are many opportunities to practice religion, practice bad politics, fight in villages, district to district, to listen to religious lectures. Even if people’s lives are made so easy, there is danger.

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