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I developed a Module for Database Programming in Visual Basic 06 which will reduce 90% programming efforts. It’s very simple. If any of you are interested you can download the module and sample program from this LINK (New Window)

I hope, It will be helpful for some one.

Details has been given in the sample. There you will find all the coding instructions. 

‘It is very easy to program with database
‘Just use the module and enjoy database programming. This module will reduce 90% code for Database Programming
‘You need not to be an expart to develop a standard Databse Software

‘// Add the Data Environment and Delete/Remove the Data Environment (‘Project’ Menu>Data Environment)
‘// Add a Common Dialog Control in Main Page Only and give the Name as ‘CD’
‘// Add some array controls of Text Box or Combo Box for showing data (Just Insert a Text Box or Combo Box> Copy Than> Then Paste> Select Yes)
‘// Use the Tag Property of Text Boxes or Combo Boxes as the Data Field Name
‘// Use the Built in Functions and reduce programming efforts

‘#### The following functions will do all you need ###’

‘Database Connection with Project #DB_Connection(Access Data File Name, Database User Name[Generally it is Admin],Database Password”
‘Data Table Connection with Forms #DBT_Connection(Table Name,Data Field Name Which will be Ordered,Assending or Descending Order)
‘For Showing Data into Arrey Text Boxes or Combo Boxes #Show_All_Data(Table Name, Arrey Text Box or Comboo Name)
‘For First Data #Data_First(Table)
‘For Last Data #Data_Last(Table)
‘For Next Data #Data_Next(Table,Arrey Text Box or Comboo Name)
‘For Previous Data #Data_Previous(Table, Arrey Text Box or Comboo Name)
‘For Changing or Updating Data #Update_Data_Edit(Table,Arrey Text Box or Comboo Name)
‘For Deleting Data #DBT.Delete
‘For Adding New Data #Add_Data_New(Table,Arrey Text Box or Comboo Name)
‘Any Many Functions for Advanced Users

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