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Many Human Species Have Existed on Earth for Longer than Us

We who claim with a lot of false ego that we are the best of the world and all other beings to serve us – they do not know that many species of humans like us have survived on this earth for longer than us. Many of them were physically and efficiently ahead of us. It is believed that we wiped them all out with our tricks, deceptions, and traps. There is also the idea that our family has become a hybrid with others. But it is now a fact that the age of the earth is not only 5-10 thousand years, and man also did not come to the earth only 5-6 thousand years ago. It is possible to understand things with the naked eye and common sense. Just look at the people of Australia, Papua New Guinea, Native America, and Sentinel Island. If you believe in mythology, you should also believe that the earth is only 5-10 thousand years old and humans only 5-6 thousand years ago. They came back as modern people wearing such clothes, not funny!

1. Homo Erectus is the name of the longest-living human species on earth. They are the first to learn the use of fire and weapons.

2. Neanderthals survived the Ice Age along with the largest elephants (mammoths).

3. Homo Leucensis is a newly discovered human species in 2019.

4. Sapiens are the people of the present world i.e. us. We have a lot of ego. We think we are the best and believe in the upside story.

5. Denisovans lived alongside sapiens and Neanderthals, only to be discovered by one finger.

6. The smallest human is Homo Florence’s who are also called ‘Hobbits’.

In fact, until about 50,000 years ago, our planet was home to at least six different species of humans.

Hominins Family:

Nickname: Upright Man
Location: All over Asia
Survival: 2 million to 50,000 [50,000 years ago]
Characteristic: The longest surviving human species.
Strength: First to use fire and make hunting weapons.
Weakness: They made the same weapons for hundreds of years.

Nickname: Neanderthal Man
Location: Europe and Western Asia
Survival: 400,000 to 30,000 [50,000 years ago]
Strength: Resistant to ice-age climate. Look after the old and the disabled.
Weakness: Terrible at public relations. Favorite butt of cartoon jokes.

Nickname: Man from Luzon Island
Location: Luzon, Philippines
Survival: 700,000 t0 50,000 [50,000 years ago]
Characteristic: The new kids on the block, discovered only in 2019.
Strength: Adapted to tropical forests.
Weakness: Total lack of public relations.

Nickname: The Denisovans
Location: Siberia, East Asia
Survival: 300,000 to 50,000 [50,000 years ago]
Characteristic: The mystery man, originally identified from just one fossilized finger.
Strength: Very sociable. Slept around with Sapiens and Neanderthals
Weakness: Stuck their fingers into strange places.

Nickname: Wise Man
Location: Everywhere, even on the moon
Survival: 300,000 to right now. [50,000 years ago]
Characteristics: Think they’re smarter than everybody else.
Strength: Good at making tools. From toothbrushes to intercontinental nuclear missiles.
Weakness: Huge ego. Often to believe nonsense.

Nickname: Flores Man, The “Hobbit”
Location: Island of Flores, Indonesia
Survival: 800,000 to 50,000 [50,000 years ago]
Characteristics: Dwarf species. About 1 meter tall and weighing 25 kg.
Strength: Hunted the island’s dwarf elephants and giant lizards.
Weakness: Stay at home type. Never left the island.

[ Source: ‘Sapiens A Graphic History The Birth of Humankind’ – Yuval Noah Harari, David Vandermeulen, Daniel Casanave. ]

The world belongs to everyone. Like an ant, like a human. Everyone has the right to live. If humans had not accidentally acquired a little more mathematical skills, we might still be fighting and surviving in the forest today.

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