LGTBQIA2S+ Rights and Islam

Thinking about that evening still gives me goosebumps

From the beginning of this month, metro trains are full of passengers after 10/11 pm. Mostly same-sex couples. Someone touching someone’s belly, or face and taking/giving pleasure, someone else is sitting on someone else’s lap. This is often seen. Later I realized that Pride Month is going on now. This means now the month is dedicated to homosexuals. LGTBQIA2S+ rainbow flag designs on many people’s bodies, clothes, and hands. It is basically a month about LGTBQIA2S+ to make others aware that they are a part of society and that they can live like normal people in society.

Christianity once strongly opposed homosexuality, and even killed many, just as they killed the famous scientist Galileo who first proved that the sun, not the earth, was the center of the solar system. The Christian Church did not accept his discovery that day but killed him for speaking contrary to the word of God. But today the Christian churches have no other choice, they are now not only accepting homosexuals’ rights but also celebrating them separately. See, their nameplate mentions it.

LGTBQIA2S+ Rights and Islam

Many people think that homosexuality is the result of people’s distorted taste. But actually it is not. At the time of human birth, some physical changes occur due to a particular mutation, due to which a man prefers a man, a woman prefers another woman, and some prefer both men and women at the same time. And there is one percent of asexuals who do not feel any sexual desires. Then there are transgenders. They all have to spend a lot of cursed life in the society of Bangladesh. Due to social and family reasons, many people have to get married, and many have children, but they cannot accept their husband or wife mentally. There are hundreds of people, we don’t track them. All these are due to the human body, not a matter of someone’s perverse taste.

I was attacked for writing about gay rights, and my body was permanently damaged by an Islamic fundamentalist.

If I am told that someone will pay me one lakh taka (Bangladeshi 0.1 million money) to sleep with a boy, I will never agree, it makes me cringe to think about it. Similarly, if a homosexual is asked to sleep with someone of the opposite sex, he will also be upset. But people cannot accept this. People do not have this common sense that an adult person will live with whom, eat, travel, have a family, sleep, it is their personal matter. Islam says to kill homosexuals, how barbaric are these religions? Christianity can come out of violent character but Islam cannot. The current of their feelings is very strong still now.

LGTBQIA2S+ Rights and Church

Is it only seen in humans? No, many other animals also have such homosexual traits. Hundreds of such species have been identified. I have written about this topic several times before. I was even attacked by a fundamentalist militant for writing about same-sex rights who tried to publicly kill me. The attack did long-lasting damage to my body that I still carry with me, maybe I shall have to carry for the rest of my life. His speech was why I wrote against Islam! I did not try to protest, otherwise, I would have been beaten or burned to death by the maddened mob. I still shudder with fear when I think of that evening. I was able to survive that day because of two others. This rabid mob becomes enraged when writing about the rights of small social groups like homosexuals. Not everyone in the world walks the path of change and modernization. In the eyes of Islamic fundamentalists, this is their and their Allah’s success that if anyone says anything other than what Allah (Muhammad) says, they turn their lives into hell, this is the power of their stupidity.

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