Homosexuality in Animals

Homosexuality in Animals

Is Homosexuality the work of people with a distorted mentality? What does science say?

Many people have an itch about homosexuality. Those who are homosexuals are also people of our society, they also have full right to live in a society with all opportunities, benefits, and respect like us. Homosexuality is almost entirely biological. Not just what people see inside. It is also found inside many animals. Homosexuals are men who are attracted to another man and satisfy their sexuality. Likewise, a lesbian woman will be attracted to another woman. Bisexuals are attracted to men and women at the same time. It occurs in response to certain hormones in the body and their actions, and they carry this trait from birth. Many people believe that it is due to people’s distorted taste or bad habits. Whether you agree with me or not, the physical DNA or in other words biological fact is almost always responsible for a person’s sexual orientation. 1-2% may also be due to mental disorders. Scientific truth doesn’t matter if we don’t accept it, it remains true. As many Bengalis live in this era, we enjoy all the benefits of modern science but do not accept the researchable truths of science is also a weakness of our genetics. Evolutionarily or biologically our brains are not yet equipped to accept these truths.

Homosexual or bisexual relationships are often found in animals. As intelligent beings, people should take it for granted and not insult or persecute homosexuals, or those whose sexuality does not match the majority.

Homosexuality in these animals has been observed in nature, there is direct evidence. It has also been seen in many other animals outside of this list. Scientists have several studies on this.


1. Dolphins (3 to 5 dolphins of different sexes having sex together, bisexual)

2. Bison, a type of wild buffalo (male and female homosexual).

3. Bats (male homosexuality has been observed in 20 species)

4. Elephants (male homosexuality is found in both Asian and African elephants)

5. Giraffe (male and female homosexuality, 30% homosexual)

6. Marmot, a species of squirrel (female homosexuality)

7. Leo (male and female homosexuality, 8%)

8. Polcat (a European animal of a breed close to a small dog, male homosexual)

9. Sheep – (18-22% of sheep are bisexual)

10. hyena (feminine homosexuality)


1. Black Swan (25% of men are gay),

2. Albatross, a seabird (31% of females are homosexual),

3. A bird like an ibis, buck, or crane (male homosexuality),

4. Mallard (a type of duck, 19% male homosexual)

5. Penguins (homosexual birds hatch other penguins’ eggs and raise their young as parents)

6. Vulture (homosexuality and bisexuality observed)

7. Pigeons (female homosexuality, homosexual women also lay eggs but do not hatch)

Apes are mammals:

1. Bonobo – a type of small chimpanzee, (feminist society, 60% of women homosexual)

2. Macaw – small monkey (25% of females are homosexual, male homosexuality is also observed)

3. Orangutan – (male homosexuality)


1. Lizard – female homosexuality

2. Tortoise – male homosexuality


1. Grasshopper – (20% of male homosexuals)

2. Fruitfly

3. Cockroaches – male homosexuals

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